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    We are expat parents based in Hong Kong who believe parents are being overcharged by local companies for any sort of baby products. So we decided to launch this online shop to provide high quality baby products at affordable prices. If there is any product you think is too expensive in other stores, just let us know. It is likely we can provide the same product for a better price.

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    We always strive for the best.

    Best Quality Low Price

    We source our products from across the globe and ensure they have the highest quality possible. Typically, we can achieve very low prices because we order directly from factories in large bulk orders which keep our costs low, but we never compromise on quality.


    Parent only want the best for their children. As parents, we absolutely agree to that and are passionate about encouraging our children to develop and learn through positive experiences. Therefore, we only choose products for our store, which have been tested by us personally or our friends and family.


    As an independent shop, we have the freedom to only distribute products we believe in. We cherish our independence and we believe it allows us to focus on the right products that are right for our children.

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